Some Common Garage Door Problems

Garage door problems in Scappoose can be caused by a variety of factors, and no single solution fits all. There are a few common problems that we have collected, and we will try to address each of them. If you are uncertain, give us a call for same-day garage door service in Scappoose.

Why does my garage door make noise?

There are many possible causes of a noisy garage door. If you haven’t lubricated the door in a while, it may be a problem with the mechanism. Try lubricating the door first and see if that makes a difference. If the problem continues, contact experts.

How do I know my garage door needs repair or replacement?

The best way to answer this question is to inspect the door. Checking whether the door is a risky repair or if the repair will be more expensive than replacing the door. With Garage Door Repair Scappoose, you can get a service that can handle all your garage door needs. It doesn’t matter whether it is a garage door repair or an entirely new garage installation, we can handle it.

Why does my garage door not close fully?

There may be something wrong with your safety sensors, but it’s not obvious. Safety sensors alert garage door openers when the door is in good condition. It displays whether or not the door is open and if it is safe to close it. An obstruction in the path of the door may prevent it from closing completely. There may be a broken sensor, a cut wire, dirt on a sensor’s lens, or anything that interferes with the sensor’s performance 

The safety sensors on every automated garage door in Scappoose are crucial for your safety. Even though safety sensors cause many problems with garage doors, they are required by law and can save lives. Never remove or operate the door remotely without safety sensors.

What is garage door maintenance?

It’s important to perform garage door maintenance twice a year. It will improve how the door moves, preserve its parts, and maintain its functionality. Maintenance also allows the performer (you or a garage door technician) to inspect the door. In addition to making sure that the device is safe to use, they will also inspect it for any damage. When you suspect that something is wrong with your garage door, contact Garage Door Repair Scappoose. We have experts who know about garage doors and can assist you with your garage door needs.

How should I handle a broken garage coil spring?

Garage door coil springs are under a lot of tension, and if a coil spring breaks, it can be dangerous. If the coil spring on your garage door is broken, you should stop using the door and contact us. We at Garage Door Repair Scappoose provide coil spring repair services of the highest quality. We are the first choice of customers for garage door installation, garage door replacement, and garage door repair.

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